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Cross browser JavaScript tutorials
JavaScript standards
Browser JavaScript documentation
JavaScript games
Free JavaScripts
Cross browser JavaScript tutorialsComments
HowToCreate15 major browser classes
PP:K11 major browser classes
JavaScript standardsComments
ECMAscript (JavaScript core)Links to PDF documentation
W3C DOMThe Document Object Model standard
DOM1 referenceThe Document Object Model standard, easy-to-read
Browser JavaScript documentationComments
Mozilla Gecko DOMThe DOM as implemented by Mozilla and NS6+
Internet Explorer DHTMLInternet Explorer DOM and proprietary DOM
Internet Explorer JScript (core)ECMAscript as implemented by Internet Explorer
Netscape core and Layers DHTMLBest DOM level 0 documentation available
Opera 7+ JavaScript, DOM and DHTMLJavaScript and DOM objects supported by Opera 7+
iCab 3- InscriptJavaScript objects and methods supported by iCab 3-
WebTV/MSNTV developingSpecial requirements for WebTV developing (seems to be dead)
Safari documentationJavaScript abilities and CSS declarations supported by Safari
OmniWebThe limited summary of OmniWeb's JavaScript
Tkhtml Hv3 standards supportMostly CSS - DOM documentation to follow
Tkhtml Hv3's script engineImplementor's information
Escape datasheetPDF 488 KB - web standards supported by Escape
Clue browser documentationMostly embedding information
OpenTV datasheetWeb standards supported by OpenTV
Internet Explorer for Windows CESummary of Internet Explorer for Windows CE scripting capabilities
JavaScript gamesComments
FreeGamesA good range of JavaScript and DHTML games
Kazuhiro Moriyama's gamesAwesome DHTML games
JavaScript GamesMore awesome DHTML games
FreeFunGamesFairly good DHTML games
DynamicDrive gamesA reasonable range of DHTML games
Free JavaScriptsComments
HowToCreate JavaScript librariesBest cross browser libraries available - of course ;)
DynamicDriveMany partially cross browser scripts
BrotherCakeFancy scripts relying heavily on browser sniffing
JavaScript sourceA few javascript tools
JavaScript kit 
A1 JavaScripts 
WebReference JavaScripts 

Yes, this is a blatent copy of the Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML documentation site design. Beautiful isn't it? This version is faster to load, and is more browser compatible than the version Microsoft have written. I have no idea if it is written the same way as Microsoft's. I wrote this one completely from scratch without checking how Microsoft wrote their's. The effect is mostly produced using CSS and a bit of HTML (tables). JavaScript is used only to select the different sections and change the image. To download the browsers themselves, see my list of '4th+ generation' browsers.

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