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Allows any number of alarms to be set, and counts down to them before using a visual (and audio where available) notification.

Browser support

Trident / EdgeHTML / Tasman (Internet Explorer 4+, Edge 44-)Script works without audio in IE 5.5+, and with audio in IE 9+ (standards mode only)
Opera 7-12Script works as expected in Opera 9+ and without audio in earlier versions
Gecko engine browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 6+, etc)Script works as expected in Firefox 3+ and without audio in earlier versions
KHTML / WebKit / Chromium / Blink / QT WebEngine / QTWebKit / WebKitGTK (Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera 15+, Edge 79+, Safari, Konqueror, OmniWeb 4.5+, iCab 4+, NetFront Chromium / WebKit)Script works without audio in Safari 2+, and with audio in Safari 4+
iCab 3-Script works without audio
Rhino + W3C DOM (ICEbrowser)Script works without audio
Rhino + layers / W3C DOM (Escape / Evo, iBrow)Browser is not DOM compliant
NetFront 3+ NetFront engineScript works without audio in NetFront 3.4+
Opera 5 and 6 Elektra engineBrowser is not DOM compliant
Netscape 4Browser is not DOM compliant
OmniWeb 4.2-Browser is not DOM compliant
Rhino + pDOM (Clue browser)Browser is not DOM compliant
WebTVBrowser is not DOM compliant
Tkhtml Hv3+Browser's date handling is wrong, and DOM support is not high enough
Netgem NetBoxNot tested but it should work
OpenTVNot tested but it should work
iPanel MicroBrowserNot tested but it should work

Accessibility notes

Utility script - no accessibility notes.


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