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This script


Creates collections that provide shortcuts through the DOM of a document.

Current version

Appears to be 1.0

Browser support

Trident / EdgeHTML / Tasman (Internet Explorer 4+, Edge 44-)Script works as expected in IE 9+ (standards mode only), shortcuts are created in IE 6+ Windows and in IE 5 Mac (IE 4 is not DOM compliant and IE 5.x Windows does not implement an important method correctly), but cannot automatically update
Opera 7-12Script works as expected in Opera 8+, shortcuts are created in Opera 7 but cannot automatically update
Gecko engine browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 6+, etc)Script works as expected
KHTML / WebKit / Chromium / Blink / QT WebEngine / QTWebKit / WebKitGTK (Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera 15+, Edge 79+, Safari, Konqueror, OmniWeb 4.5+, iCab 4+, NetFront Chromium / WebKit)Script works as expected, trying to automatically update will crash Safari 1.2- (bug fixed in Safari 1.3)
iCab 3-Shortcuts are created but cannot automatically update
Rhino + W3C DOM (ICEbrowser)Script works as expected
Rhino + layers / W3C DOM (Escape / Evo, iBrow)Browser is not properly DOM compliant
NetFront 3+ NetFront engineShortcuts are created in NetFront 3.4+ but cannot automatically update
Opera 5 and 6 Elektra engineBrowser is not DOM compliant
Netscape 4Browser is not DOM compliant
OmniWeb 4.2-Browser is not DOM compliant
Rhino + pDOM (Clue browser)Browser is not DOM compliant
WebTVBrowser is not DOM compliant
Tkhtml Hv3+Browser is not DOM compliant
Netgem NetBoxNot tested but it should work
OpenTVNot tested but it should work
iPanel MicroBrowserNot tested but it should work

Accessibility notes

No inherent accessibility problems; Ensure that without JavaScript, page content is still accessible. This script is designed for use only in situations where you can guarentee your audience will be using a browser that supports this script. It is not intended for use on normal web sites.


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