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Rotates images so that an object can be seen from multiple angles, giving a 3D effect.

Current version

Appears to be 1.0

Browser support

Trident / EdgeHTML / Tasman (Internet Explorer 4+, Edge 44-)Script works as expected in IE 5+
Opera 7-12Script works as expected
Gecko engine browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 6+, etc)Script works as expected
KHTML / WebKit / Chromium / Blink / QT WebEngine / QTWebKit / WebKitGTK (Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera 15+, Edge 79+, Safari, Konqueror, OmniWeb 4.5+, iCab 4+, NetFront Chromium / WebKit)Script works as expected
iCab 3-Script works as expected in iCab 3+ except that max 5 auto rotates or auto tilts can be used on any single page, in iCab 2 images cannot be panned
Rhino + W3C DOM (ICEbrowser)Basic functionality works; images cannot be zoomed, panning may crash the browser
Rhino + layers / W3C DOM (Escape / Evo, iBrow)Script works as expected (but see notes for progress bar creator if using that)
NetFront 3+ NetFront engineImages cannot auto rotate or auto tilt in NetFront 3.x
Opera 5 and 6 Elektra engineScript works as expected except that images cannot be zoomed
Netscape 4Basic functionality works; images cannot be zoomed or panned
OmniWeb 4.2-Only basic manual tilting and rotating works
Rhino + pDOM (Clue browser)Only basic manual tilting and rotating works
WebTVOnly the base image is shown
Tkhtml Hv3+Browser crashes when trying to manually rotate images
Netgem NetBoxNot tested but it should work
OpenTVNot tested but it should work
iPanel MicroBrowserNot tested but it should work

Accessibility notes

No accessibility problems. The script can be used with a mouse, or via accessible buttons/links. The basic image or alt attribute will be shown if JavaScript is disabled.


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