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Creates message scrollers - all aspects are configurable.

Current version

Appears to have been created 19/02/2003

Browser support

Trident / EdgeHTML / Tasman (Internet Explorer 4+, Edge 44-)Applying margins, padding or positioning to parent elements can make scrollers obscure other content in IE 5 Mac
Opera 7-12Script works as expected
Gecko engine browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape 6+, etc)Script works as expected
KHTML / WebKit / Chromium / Blink / QT WebEngine / QTWebKit / WebKitGTK (Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera 15+, Edge 79+, Safari, Konqueror, OmniWeb 4.5+, iCab 4+, NetFront Chromium / WebKit)Works as expected in Konqueror 3.1, Safari and OmniWeb 4.5+. Does not work in Konqueror 2 and clipping looks odd in Konqueror 3.0
iCab 3-iCab 2 works using iframes (slight flicker as it rewrites)
Rhino + W3C DOM (ICEbrowser)Script works as expected
Rhino + layers / W3C DOM (Escape / Evo, iBrow)Escape 5 creates scrollers, but fails to animate them - Escape 4 does not show borders and leaves big gaps around scrollers
NetFront 3+ NetFront engineScript works as expected in NetFront 3.4+, 3.3- shows blank squares
Opera 5 and 6 Elektra engineWorks using iframes (slight flicker as it rewrites) - adds a history entry with each scroll
Netscape 4Script works as expected
OmniWeb 4.2-Scrollers make a mess and do not scroll
Rhino + pDOM (Clue browser)Shows blank squares
WebTVShows nothing
Tkhtml Hv3+Scrollers are created, and work, but clipping fails
Netgem NetBoxNot tested but it should work
OpenTVNot tested but it should work
iPanel MicroBrowserNot tested but it should work

Accessibility notes

Accessibility warning; Scrollers and their contents will not be created if JavaScript is disabled. Ensure they are not required to access page content.


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