Additional menus for Opera

The menus can be installed by clicking the install links (and agreeing to the security prompts, if you trust me).

If you want to combine multiple menus, you will have to edit some files, since Opera does not automatically combine menus like this. Firstly, install all the menus you want. The files will be stored in yourProfileDirectory/menu/ (look in opera:about for the 'Opera directory' - this is your profile directory). Open the ini files used by the menus, in a text editor, and select everything in one of the menu files after the [Info] section (do not copy the Description, Author, Version, and NAME information). Paste it into the end of the other file. Use Opera's preferences to select the modified menu.

Install the menu.

This is a simple menu entry that appears in the context menu for web page links. Right click on a link in a web page (not chat/mail/panels) and select 'Preload link'. The linked page will be preloaded, allowing you to continue browsing the current page, and giving you the benefits of Opera's efficient caching when you open the linked page normally.

How it works:

It adds a hidden iframe into the current page and loads the linked page into it. All associated images/css/javascript will be loaded just like if you visited the page normally. These will remain in cache (if the page allows it) so that when you follow the link, it should load immediately (assuming you gave it enough time to load). Note that some pages object to being loaded inside iframes, and may force themselves to replace the current page. There is nothing I can do about that.

It relies on JavaScript being enabled, and will copy the linked address into the clipboard (overwriting anything that is already there). If you try to use this in chat/mail it will open a blank page and will not preload the link. If it fails, it will fail silently. You have been warned.

Preloading will stop as soon as the current page is unloaded, or once preloading completes.

Install the menu.

For security reasons, Opera will not allow Web pages to embed files from your own computer or network, and it will also not allow Web pages to link to those files either. This is an important security protection, that other browsers are starting to copy (IE 7, for example).

However, in very rare cases, you may need this capability. An example would be if your local network Web server has a list of network drive resources. These links will not work in Opera. There are a couple of ways you can use them though:

Formating fonts in Opera Chat

This menu has its own page.

This menu allows you to use bold, underline and colours in Opera Chat.

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