Because Opera has always meant innovation
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Opera Show Generator released


Because Opera has always meant innovation

What is Opera Show?

Opera Show is a presentation tool that can turn your web pages into presentations. Taking regular HTML, and adding a little magic CSS, the web page is transformed to look more like a PowerPoint document.

The presentations will appear as a full presentation in Opera with a simple press of the F11 key. Cross platform, tiny download, portable ... I'm rambling.

What advantages does it have over standard PowerPoint presentations

What advantages does it have over PowerPoint's "Save as a web page" feature

How does it work?

Simple. Unlike any other browser (come on, prove me wrong, I dare you), Opera has understood projection media CSS since Opera 6. Projection media includes the ability to define where to break between slides, and what margins the slide should have.

All that you need to do is to include a projection media stylesheet, and use that to tell it where to break the slides.

Because this is just regular web page technology, if another browser implements the projection media type, it will work in that too, without needing any changes.

Using the power of CSS media types, you can even make separate styles for regular browsing, and printing, to optimise your presentation for each of them. In fact, you could even go overboard and make a custom written stylesheet and script to make other browsers display something that looks something like a presentation, but this would need to be carefully tailored to suit your style.

Too complicated!

Well, that's why we are here. Generating pages like this may be a bit beyond your knowledge, or the time you have available. Well, ever helpful, Opera ASA have produced an online tool that you can use to create these presentations.

The Opera Show Generator automatically ensures that the page looks great when viewed as a presentation, with a choice of styles - or you can make your own. It even ensures that the page looks good if Opera Show is not available, with special styles for printing, normal viewing. It even degrades beautifully on handheld devices. You even have the option to embed corporate logos.

You can create a presentation in minutes that reaches the maximum target audience, that you can use to give professional presentations, that you can post on a corporate website, that you can even view on a PDA.

It even offers control menus, keyboard activation, with a set of templates for all types of slide arrangements. And if you are longing for those PowerPoint animations, yes, it has those too, done using nothing but good old DHTML.

What do you need?

Can you see a demonstration?

Of course you can. If you are using Opera 6 or higher, press F11 now.

Use Page Up and Page Down to navigate through the slides. Press Esc or F11 to return to normal viewing mode.

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