Inserting OSTN15 into database

Processing records...

  1. Download and unpack the OSTN15 data from Ordnance Survey.
  2. Put the OSTN15_OSGM15_DataFile.txt from the download on your own server.
  3. Download this file from the PHP downloads page.
  4. Put this file on your own server.
  5. Edit this file to configure the path to the OSTN15_OSGM15_DataFile.txt file.
  6. Edit this file to provide the database commands for your database.
  7. Edit this file to remove these instructions.
  8. Load this file as a web page using your browser, via http.
  9. If you make use of the OSTN15 or OSGN15 data within your software, then your software must include the following copyright statement: "© Copyright and database rights Ordnance Survey Limited 2016, © Crown copyright and and database rights Land & Property Services 2016 and/or © Ordnance Survey Ireland, 2016. All rights reserved.".

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