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Creating fake popup windows

This creates fake popup windows using DHTML. It works in more browser brands than any other script like it. Bugs? OK, there are a couple. Opera 6- will not allow the mini windows to go further down the document window than any text on the window. Netscape 6 (but not 7) has a weird rendering bug and may leave bits of the mini windows on the page when you close or minimise them. All Gecko browsers may be a little bit jumpy when the windows are being dragged, but still look good. Because of bugs in its event handling, Escape 4 may randomly position the mini windows in weird places. Escape 5 refuses to draw anything at all.

To download the script(s), see the script license, and check details like browser compatibility, use the links on the navigation panel at the top of this page.

This script is deprecated and is no longer supported, better scripts are available elsewhere on the Web.

This script can control up to 65534 windows (you can adjust that in the source but I have restricted the number to 16 bits - and I don't think you will ever need to).

The real beauty of these popups is that the user does not have to close all popup windows when they leave the page, because all the 'windows' close when the page closes. The browser is not "hijacked" as with real popups.

(Note that due to limitations in the table algorithm that I have not been able to work around, this script will work best on pages being displayed in quirks mode [unlike this page].)

Show the first window (type 1)

Show the other window (type 1)

Show the third window (type 2)

If you want to use iframes in the mini windows, one of my readers, Raymond Martens is working on it, and has already been very successful.

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